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Origin of the name EVA.
Etymology of the name EVA.
Meaning of the baby name EVA.


EVA (Εὔα).  Greek and Latin form of biblical Eve (q.v.), meaning "life."  Usage: America, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Greece, Scotland.

... Eva O'Dwhine carried the blood of Diarmaid to the Anglo-Norman Campbells; Eva of Menteith married one of the first Earls of Lennox... (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884)

As regards Ireland and Scotland themselves Aoiffa = pleasant, seems certainly to have often been the equivalent of Eva.  Aoiffa being of even greater antiquity in the Emerald Isle than Eva, and that occurs extremely early; whilst in Scotland, whither, according to our authority, it had travelled with other Gaelic names, Eva has been for centuries very common and is found in some of the oldest and noblest genealogies. (Girls' Christian Names, Swan, 1905)


O Fair and stately maid, whose eyes
Were kindled in the upper skies
At the same torch that lighted mine;
For so I must interpret still
Thy sweet dominion o'er my will,
A sympathy divine.

Ah! let me blameless gaze upon
Features that seem at heart my own;
Nor fear those watchful sentinels,
Who charm the more their glance forbids,
Chaste-glowing, underneath their lids,
With fire that draws while it repels.


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