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Origin of the name ANA.
Etymology of the name ANA.
Meaning of the baby name ANA.


ANA.  Unisex.  Egyptian name, probably meaning "the sun."  See note below.
    mAna, the first king of the VIIth Egyptian dynasty.
    fAna, an Egyptian lady, the wife of Aker, and the mother of Pantina governor of the South.  See Pantina. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).

... On (the city name) is said to be a form of the Egyptian Ana, one of the names of the sun-god, usually called Ra, whose chief place of worship was in the city.  Hence its Hebrew name Beth-Shemesh (Jer. xliii. 13), "House of the Sun," and the Greek form, Heliopolis, "City of the Sun."... (Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute, v.20, 1887).

ANA (עֲנָה).  m.  Variant spelling of biblical Anah (q.v.), meaning "hearkening to," "granting."  In the bible, this is the name of a "son" of Zibeon (Gen. xxxvi. 24) and a "son" of Seir the Horite (Gen. xxxvi. 20) who became a "duke" (29).

ANA (Ана).  f.  Slavic form of Greek Anna (q.v.), meaning "compassion, grace" and "prayers."  Usage: Bohemia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia.
    Ana Nikolic, a Yugoslavian pop singer. (Wiki)

ANA.  f.  Latin form of Greek Anna (q.v.), meaning "compassion, grace" and "prayers,"  or, from Latin annus, meaning "year."  Usage: America, Portugal, Spain. (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).
    Ana Marie Cox, an American author and Washington editor of the Time magazine web site. (Wiki)

ANA.  f.  Irish name of a goddess of war, said to be the mother of the gods, meaning "mother."  Also spelled Anna.

... In the Lebor Gebhala or Book of Occupation, preserved in the Book of Leinster, the Irish war-goddess Ana or Anann, known as Mater deorum Hibernensium, is mentioned with Badb and Macha as the daughter of Ernmas, but in a versified form of the same poem Ana has disappeared, and the lines run according to Hennessy's translation: "Badb and Mach, rich the store, / Morrigan who dispenses confusion."  This is not at all a common identification, and in the account of the battle of Magh-Tuiredh, all four goddesses are mentioned; but the passage supplies an instance of the substitution of Morrigan (Morgan) for Ana (Anna).
    The second passage to which I refer is Malory's version of the episode of Arthur and the enchantress Annowre.  We have already seen that one form of this incident was probably attached to Morgain.  In other words a name resembling Anna, and the name Morgain are associated with the same series of events... (Studies in the Fairy Mythology of Arthurian Romance, Paton, 1903).


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