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Male Lithuanian Names

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  1. ALGIMANTAS: Lithuanian name, composed of the elements alga "wages" and manta "wealth," hence "wealthy."
  2. ALGIMAS: Contracted form of Lithuanian Algimantas, meaning "wealthy."

  3. ALGIS: Pet form of Lithuanian Algimas, meaning "wealthy."

  4. ANDRIUS: Lithuanian form of Greek Andreas, meaning "man; warrior."

  5. ANTANAS: Lithuanian form of Latin Antonius, possibly meaning "invaluable." 

  6. ARAS: Lithuanian unisex name meaning "intelligence of an eagle."

  7. ARTURAS: Lithuanian form of Celtic Arthur, possibly meaning "bear-man." 

  8. AUGUSTAS: Lithuanian form of Latin Augustus, meaning "venerable."

  9. AUGUSTINAS: Lithuanian form of Latin Augustinus, meaning "venerable."

  10. AZUOLAS: Lithuanian name meaning "oak."

  11. BRONISLOVAS: Lithuanian form of Slavic Bronislav, meaning "glorious protector." 

  12. BRONIUS: Pet form of Lithuanian Bronislovas, meaning "glorious protector."

  13. ELADA: Lithuanian form of Latin Helladius, meaning "of Greece." Compare with another form of Elada.
  14. GIEDRIUS: Lithuanian name derived from the word giedras, meaning "serene."
  15. GINTARAS: Lithuanian name meaning "amber."
  16. HENRIKAS: Lithuanian form of Latin Henricus, meaning "home-ruler."
  17. HERKUS: Pet form of Lithuanian Henrikas, meaning "home-ruler."
  18. JERONIMAS: Lithuanian form of Greek Hieronymos, meaning "holy name."
  19. JONAS: Lithuanian form of English John, meaning "God is gracious." Compare with another form of Jonas.
  20. JUOZAPAS: Lithuanian form of Greek Ioseph, meaning "(God) shall add (another son)."
  21. JUOZAS: Contracted form of Lithuanian Juozapas, meaning "(God) shall add (another son)." 
  22. JURGIS: Lithuanian form of Greek Georgios, meaning "earth-worker, farmer."
  23. JUSTINAS: Lithuanian form of Roman Latin Justinus, meaning "fair, just." 
  24. KAROLIS: Lithuanian form of Latin Carolus, meaning "man."
  25. KAZIMERAS: Lithuanian form of Polish Kazimierz, meaning "commands peace."
  26. LEONAS: Lithuanian form of Greek Leon, meaning "lion."
  27. LINAS: Lithuanian name meaning "flax."
  28. LIUDVIKAS: Lithuanian form of German Ludwig, meaning "famous warrior."
  29. MARIJUS: Lithuanian form of Roman Latin Marius, meaning "male, virile."
  30. MYKOLAS: Lithuanian form of Ukrainian Mykhailo, meaning "who is like God?"
  31. PAULIUS: Lithuanian form of Greek Paulos, meaning "small."
  32. PETRAS: Lithuanian form of Greek Petros, meaning "rock, stone."
  33. PRANCIŠKUS: Lithuanian form of Latin Franciscus, meaning "French."
  34. RAIMONDAS: Lithuanian form of Frankish German Raginmund, meaning "wise protector."
  35. RAMUNAS: Lithuanian name derived from the word ramus, meaning "calm."
  36. STEPONAS: Lithuanian form of Greek Stephanos, meaning "crown."
  37. TOMAS: Lithuanian and Norwegian form of Greek Thōmas, meaning "twin."
  38. VADIMAS: Lithuanian form of Russian Vadim, probably meaning "knowing one."
  39. VIKTORAS: Lithuanian form of Roman Latin Victor, meaning "conqueror."
  40. VILHELMAS: Lithuanian form of German Wilhelm, meaning "will-helmet."
  41. VINCENTAS: Lithuanian form of Latin Vincentius, meaning "conquering."
  42. VIRGILIJUS: Lithuanian form of Latin Virgilius, possibly meaning "flourishing."
  43. VYTAUTAS: Lithuanian name composed of the elements vyti "to pursue" (also "to cross or twine") and tauta "people," hence "pursuer of the people." It is interesting to note that the word for a Lithuanian Knight (Vytis), also derived from vyti, and was called "a chaser, a pursuer." 

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